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  printec with partner TD Marsel  
at the RosUpack 2015,  
Moscow, Russia,
16th-19th of June 2015  

PRINTEC with TD MARSEL at RosUpack 2015 Mosow

Testing / Printing / Colouring

Based upon these keywords we completely reorganized our product portfolio and consequently renewed, updated and completed our website. From now on you can find all relevant company related information under the navigation point PRINTEC. At the PRODUCTS section you will find our complete range of
testing inks Test-ink, UV-inks UV-ink, solvent-based Solvent-based ink and water-based Water based ink printing inks, as well as our pigment-preparations Pigment preparations for the through colouring of plastics. Russian is now available too. Please click РУССКИЙ. Недавно на нашем сайте появилась русскоязычная версия. Для смены языка на русский щелкните РУССКИЙ.

Testing ink 38 dyneTesting-ink / New packaging / Trusted content

We spent our
testing ink 38 dyne Test-ink a design make-over. 
A new leaflet with the latest product information is also available.
testing ink 38 dyne Test-ink is for controling surface tenssion after the pre-teatment of plastics [PP, PE etc.]. Suitable for corona, plasma, primer and flame-treatment. Our testing ink 38 dyne Test-ink is available in small quantities as well. You can order directly from printec starting form lot-size-one. [->enquriy form]
 Testing Ink 38 dyn, marker 5ml

Certificate of compliance
for colour series DE Solvent-based ink [incl. DE-2K Solvent-based ink] und DZ-NT Solvent-based ink
Certificates and ISEGA test reports are available upon request via email: Further informations within the respective ink series section.

RosUpack 2015 and AgroProdMash 2014, Moscow, Russia
After a successful participation in AgroProdMash 2014, printec co-operated again with Russian distribution partner TD Marcel for RosUpack 2015 in Moscow. For this successful presentation, we would like to say thanks to our partner for their support. Furthermore we were very pleased that many visitors and potential customers showed interest in the printec | TD Marsel booth..

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For the scope of "development, production and marketing of production material for the packaging industry" our management system fulfills the requierments of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Certificate registration no: 80717400/1, valid until 2012,  July 22nd

production site and headquaters
Ernstroda, Thuringia, Germany

PRINTEC production site / Headquaters




PRINTEC Yellow reddish

Beside customized shades printec offers a standardized range of plain basic colours, as well as gold and silver-colours.

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