Printing inks for self-adhesive tapes

Optional: Thermoplastic profiles

Optional: Sausage casings
Solvent basic colour system on an ester base for flexografic and gravure printing
HOKO = highly concentrated pigments
For printing on adhesive tapes made of PVC using a natural rubber-adhesive.

For plastic materials made of e.g. ABS, PP, PVC
For sausage casings made of PA, PES, collagen, cellulose [with or without PVDC coating]
Suitable for printing on shrink bags and lid films as well

●  Take care to use suitable, ester and ketone resistant printing plate material.
●  The suitability of photopolymeric plates has to be tested in advance
●  Good release on common rubber-adhesives
●  High gloss, optimized color strength and very good printing properties
●  Printec recommends the use of a corona-pretreatment of the substrate
●  Optimal drying at 30 C and high air-flow
●  The water content of all solvents must be below 1%
●  Do not use alcohols, glycols or glycol-ethers
●  Free of harmful cyclohexanone

Printing auxiliaries:  curing agent [15-20 pt. for 100 pt. of colour], thinner, retarder, accelerator, quick dryer, diluent [depending on the printed material]
Corona [recommended]:  42-44 mN/m 
Delivery form:  10 kg / 25 kg hobbock or 100 kg / 200 kg steel drum

Basic colours:
Overprint varnishes matt or gloss, gold- and silver inks, customized shades are available as well.

PRINTEC basic colours
The colour series DZ-HOKO is formulated according to CEPE guideline “Guide to Materials and Substances for Exclusion from Printing Inks and Related Products” and EC-Directive 2002/72/EC “Relating to plastic materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs”.
Further technical information as well as safety data sheets for all our products are available upon request.

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