Testing ink 38 dyne
Pre-treatment successful
Tesing-ink 38 dyn
Insufficient pre-treatment

The printec testing ink 38 dynes was developed in order to control the successful pre-treatment of plastics for further processing [ e.g. printing, lacquering etc. ]. The testing ink can be used for the visualization of the pre-treatment using corona, plasma, primer as well as flame treatment. A successful pre-treatment can immediately be observed as a continuously closed film. In case of a beading effect pre-treatment was not successful and corrective measures need to be taken.
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Product-ID:  LT 01649
Delivery form:  marker 5 ml;  1 liter and 10 liter can

PRINTEC Testing Ink 38 dyne, marker 5ml

Our printec testing ink is availabel for 38 dyne and in a red colour only.
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